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There are millions of jobs out there and helps you find the perfect one for you! Updated daily, things will be looking “UP” when you find your dream job.


Some words from our winners!

Stella Successfully employed as
a cashier

My ERS career coach tested me to find my strengths and interests. I found working with numbers was one of my strengths, so I applied for a cashier’s job at a large retail company. My career coach helped me think about questions they would likely ask in the interview and I got the job! I recently got a nice raise and have purchased my first car!

Christina Successfuly employed by
her local school district

My career coach helped me to feel confident about my up-coming interview. She encouraged some basic interview skills such as making good eye contact and speaking in a confident voice. This helped the interview process. The following week I found out I had indeed gotten the job.

Kristopher Successfully employed by
Amazon Warehouse

I had trouble getting a job. That is when I heard of EmployRewards Solutions, and they helped me every step of the way. Providing a benevolent career coach and some inspiring guidance, EmployRewards helped me search for jobs, checked up on me to see if I was okay, and helped me overcome my flaws and challenges.

Ben Successfully employed by
Lowe's Home Improvement

I was disabled because of my mental health issues and after a few years, decided to try the Ticket to Work program with ERS. My career coach was kind and supportive and seemed to really believe there was a job out there that I could do. I now love my job at Lowe’s, and my anxiety and depression are improving the more I’m in the store working and doing my best. It’s been so good for me!.

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